How variable data printing can help you boost sales, reduce costs, track and protect your brand

by Feb 8,2023Variable data printing

Variable data printing : an incredible technology

Variable data printing makes it possible to print large or small quantities of labels, shrink sleeves, sachets or business forms while changing elements of the content/artwork. For this reason, variable data printing enables mass customization of packaging or documents from one printed piece to the next, going as far as making each one unique on an individual level.

Variable data printing is an incredibly versatile technology. It can help companies achieve marketing and business objectives such as

Boost consumer engagement with variable data printing:  

Design labels that stand out and/or drive traffic to a landing page;

Reduce printing costs with variable data printing:

Consolidate multiple SKUs while changing the copy (i.e. to comply with regulations) or elements of the design (i.e. to create a five-star retail experience by displaying multiple variations of a product);


Collect product-specific data – from the warehouse to manufacturing and shipping – or any internal processes that require real time, secure information and business intelligence;

Prevent counterfeiting:

Print unique identifiers or security features to documents,  products or packaging.