Labelink: Essential service and proud to be part of the food, pharmaceutical and chemical supply chain

by Mar 26,2020Labelink

Dear Customer,

Earlier this week, public authorities in Canada and the United States announced the necessity for workplaces and companies to temporarily cease their activities. These public bodies each published an official list describing the lines of business that are now considered essential services.

Here is the list of priority services and activities:

Labelink is proud to be part of the food, pharmaceutical and chemical supply chain. We consider that it is a great privilege to put our shoulder to the wheel during a sanitary crisis of such magnitude.

We believe that it is our social duty to carry on operations in our 6 factories located both in Canada and the United States, and to continue producing packaging components that consumers can rely on to inform themselves, for example, on the nutritional content of food, the information pertinent to a drug prescription or the crucial information related to the use of chemical products.

Labelink has applied a clear plan of actions to ensure the company’s business continuity as well as the security and welfare of our 250 employees, our clients and our suppliers. Among other measures, telecommuting for all office employees has been facilitated and preventive measures are reiterated and observed on a daily basis by the plant staff.

We are also working closely with our clients and suppliers to safeguard the security of all teams as well as logistical and financial business continuity. We know that we can count on your support and that your commitment will be up to the challenge.

Together, #ItWillGoWell

Kind regards,

The Labelink team