RFID in Color – Now at Labelink!

by Mar 1,2013RFID

Enhance the magic of your RFID solution with full color graphics on your RFID label or tag!

RFID has proven to be an effective tool for efficiency creation, brand protection, product location and user experience. But why not expand on that effectiveness by adding color and graphics to your tag or label? Utilizing decades of world class and award winning pre-press and print capabilities, Labelink RFID is now able to provide a full color graphic experience to your RFID solution. Not only will you get the full power of the data capabilities on an RFID chip, you will also get the full power of graphics!

But won’t the print process damage the inlay? NOT SO!! At Labelink RFID we have perfected our print and inlay embedding process, which ensures that the inlay is presented to the same environment as you would when creating a blank label or tag. The process is tricky….but it’s something we are very proud of accomplishing. We ensure that all tags and labels will continue to have the  same exceptional quality you have come to expect, in being your go to RFID converter of choice.

For more information on this innovative process please contact Norm McGlaughlin at Norm@Labelink.ca – Director, RFID Products, Labelink.